Sunday, September 11, 2011


Howdy friends!?....
The above illustration is from a shampoo commercial....Done the coloring with usual water-colors and used black ink for the outline and hair color for the first time!!!....Glad to post this after a long time...Hope you like this!....Have a nice day:)


Katie Rose Clausen said...

I love this! Gorgeous :)

ashwini said...

Thank you so much katie!!!:)

Zainab said...

Hi, do you remember the diary of the trendsetter
by Zainab it's me! something happened to my blog
but I have a new blog
Hope you visit I have been trying to contact you
for a long time until I just thought that I will use my profile to contact you by the way I love the drawing!.
Zainab x

ashwini said...

Hey zainab!!...yes i remember your wonderful blog...and i m following your new blog...Thanks for checking my blog out...wishes:)

Zainab follow my blog said...

Thank you so much I'm going follow yours!

Zainab x

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